The Isle of Skye is a wonderful island with amazing scenery and places to visit. Just in case you happen to be staying somewhere else on the island, we thought we would give you some ideas for a days visit to Waternish.  Here’s a wee taster of what our peninsula has to offer (in no particular order!)


No 1.  Enjoy a boat trip with Diver’s Eye to enjoy the magnificent wildlife in the North West Isle of Skye

Divers Eye Boat Trips


There is so much to see in the waters that surround Waternish,  and it changes with the seasons of the year. We have some wonderful birdlife including puffins and skuas and  there are orcas and other mammals that use the Minch on their migratory route. There is so much to see on a boat trip with Diver’s Eye.  Enjoy the experience and knowledge of Gordon on his boat Elena C.

A great day out on the water.


Please check out the listing for Divers Eye Boat Trips on Visit Waternish.


No 2. End your day with dinner at Lochbay – Isle of Skye’s only Michelin Star restaurant.


North West Skye is becoming renowned for first class food. However the best and only Michelin starred restaurant in the Isle of Skye is here on Waternish, Loch Bay Restaurant. Run by Michael and Laurence Smith, and their committed staff it offers exceptional contemporary Scottish seafood, mostly caught locally, with French influences.

A visit to this cosy restaurant is the highlight of any trip and is certainly a brilliant way to end your day exploring our peninsula.

Fabulous food in a cosy environment – but vital to book well in advance.


Please check the listing for Loch Bay Restaurant on Visit Waternish


No 3. Visit Skíō Pottery Studio – a recent addition to Waternish

Skio Pottery


Skíō Pottery is a new visitor attraction here on Waternish, just opening this Spring. Luke and Kayti create functional and decorative pieces in small batches from their studio at the beginning of Waternish.  As well as appreciating and buying their pieces you can watch them work and at times, and by arrangement, offer workshops.

When they occasionally are closed they have a croft box at the side of their house, always well stocked.

A new and sometimes quirky ceramics pottery high above Loch Bay.


Please check the listing for Skíō Pottery on Visit Waternish



No 4. Take a walk and enjoy our tracks and trails.

Walk Waternish


The Isle of Skye is famous for its wild mountains – but walking or climbing these volcanic rocks is not for every one all of the time.

Waternish has some scenic, relatively flat walks that go from one side of the peninsula to the other and from one end to the other – and bits in between. The views of the Minch and its islands, the Western Isles in the far distance, and Trotternish are amazing.  You are never far from a historical site and keep your eyes to the sky in search of an Eagle or two.

(Please remember to shut gates and keep dogs on a lead around sheep and cattle.)


Please check our suggested Walks on Visit Waternish

No 5. Visit Dandelion Designs artists and images gallery for the ideal momento


Situated in the Thomas Telford designed, conservation village of Stein, Dandelion Designs and Images Gallery is both a craft shop and gallery. In the gallery the Myhills display their collection of mixed media artwork and invite other local artists to display to add to the variety, inspired by the unique environment and heritage of the surroundings.

The craft shop offers a huge variety of souvenirs, mementos and gifts of your visit to Waternish and Skye.

Please check the listing for Dandelion Designs and Images Gallery on Visit Waternish



No 6. Tour Scotland’s only operating sheepskin tannery, and visit their shop.


Skyeskyns. Coral Beach.


An absolute must on any bucket list must be a visit to Scotland’s only working commercial woollen tannery.  Skyeskyns offers a 5 Star visitor experience . Enjoy a free guided tour of how it has been “done” for generations. Then browse their huge collection and variety of sheepskins for sale – they are so cuddly! There is also a large selection of woollen clothing and accessories from leading designers.


Please check the listing for Skyeskyns on Visit Waternish



No 7. Need a Cuppa on your tour?



If you can escape from Skyeskyns retail floor, or you need a cuppa whilst on your tour of Waternish then why not have a relaxing cup of artisan coffee or specialty tea and delicious home baking in the Yurtea&coffee. Then go back and buy the sheepskin you had been thinking about! Or resume your tour and visit our other Visitor Attraction.

Please visit the listing for Yurtea&coffee on Visit Waternish.




No 8. Step back in time and explore our ancient and at times bloody history.


Trumpan Church


Waternish, or Bhàtairnis in Gaelic, is a spectacular coastal penninsula in the far north west of the island. From Portree the turning for the peninsula is about 5 miles before Dunvegan Castle.  A visit to the castle is a must on any trip to Skye. A  wee trip to Waternish  would make a great addition to your day.

Waternish has some ancient history with ‘brochs’ dotted around the place; some bloody battles between neighbouring clans; some Fairy stories; a conservation village; a couple of famous graves; and so it goes on.




Please check the listing for Points of Interest on Visit Waternish




No 9. Fancy a meal or a drink at Stein Inn



As part of your day trip around Waternish, make sure you call at Stein Inn, Skye’s oldest Inn. Dating back to 1790,  the Inn serves delicious meals for lunch and dinner focusing on local sea food. With over 120 Scottish whiskies and specialising in Isle of Skye whiskies, gins and beers. They have outside seating to truly enjoy the view and the weather.

Open for lunch and dinner.

Advisable to book a table.


Please check out the listing for Stein Inn on Visit Waternish


No 10. A warm welcome awaits at Waternish Farm, home of Coffee, Cake, Walks and Conservation.


During the summer months the guided tours showcase the hidden gems of Waternish Farm whilst educating and inspiring visitors to help protect and preserve the natural environment. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Skye’s NW Peninsula.

Available on Tues, Wed & Thurs afternoon.

Pre- booking necessary.

Please check the listing for Waternish Farm on Visit Waternish 



No 11. – Visit artist/printmaker Denise Huddleston in her  studio


Cuckoo Tree Studio


Cuckoo Tree Art Studio is a small studio and gallery showcasing the work of Denise Huddleston, an artist, designer and printmaker with a passion for the natural world. Denise has a long history in her craft and previously was a college lecturer in her area of expertise. Browse and delight in her original art, handmade prints, greeting cards and gifts. By prior arrangement it is also possible to experience practical workshops and demonstrations for small groups. Open most days but best to check beforehand. You will always have a warm welcome


Please check out the listing for Cuckoo Tree Art Studio on Visit Waternish




No 12. Shop for Homemade Scottish Tablet at Donnie’s Tablet Shed



A visit to Waternish isn’t complete without a visit to Donnie’s Tablet Shed. The wee purple shed is filled daily with Donnie’s Award Winning Homemade Traditional Scottish Tablet. Flavours include Original, Isle of Skye Sea Salt, Stem Ginger, Isle of Skye Liqueur with Drambuie, Malt whisky with Talisker, Maple Syrup and White Chocolate and Cardamom. Isle of Skye Cards and Waternish Tea Towels are also available. Don’t forget to take a selfie at the box and share it in Donnie’s Tablet Shed social media.


Please check out the listing for Donnie’s Tablet Shed on Visit Waternish





There’s so much to do on your doorstep, why not come and stay for longer.

No 6 Looking to Dunvegan Head

(Thanks to No 6 for this photo.)


Please check out the range of our comfortable visitor accommodation on Visit Waternish .  To really enjoy this hidden corner of Isle of Skye come and stay for longer.

Where sky meets Skye.




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