Wild About Skye – Creative Escape

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April 22nd 2024

Please see below an announcement from those involved in this exciting adventure scheduled for July. “We are delighted to launch the exciting news of our first ever ‘Wild About Skye’

Christmas Shopping On Waternish

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November 2nd 2023

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IN WATERNISH, ISLE OF SKYE: Why not do your festive shopping in Waternish – by visiting places or from the comfort of your chair. What would be on

Welcome to Skíō Pottery

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June 14th 2023

Visit Waternish would like to welcome Skíō Pottery to its membership and indeed to Waternish itself. It is great news that once again there is a pottery on Waternish. Please

Springtime in Waternish

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March 8th 2022

It only takes a few sunny days to forget the long winter months and feel the joys of spring. The days are getting longer, wild flowers add splashes of colour

We’re Good to Go Scheme

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February 4th 2021

Last year all the governments of the United Kingdom, in the form of their respective tourism bodies, such as Visit Scotland, collaborated together and developed the We’re Good to Go

Waternish Tea Towels

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May 7th 2020

We have produced a high quality Waternish tea towel which is for sale at a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of £7.00. It is available in purple (for the heather on

Wild Waternish in Bloom – March to April

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February 18th 2020

After the very poor early months of 2020 we are looking forward to the early spring when the wild blooms are begin to show themselves on the banks around Waternish.

Congratulations Again Loch Bay Restaurant

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October 20th 2019

Well the autumn certainly has been a really busy time for attending award ceremonies, and succeeding, for Loch Bay Restaurant First of all Laurence and Michael Smith travelled to the

Beach Clean on Isay

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October 19th 2019

Gordon and Aileen MacKay of Divers Eye Boat Trips organised, on behalf of Surfers Against Sewage, a beach clean of Isay Island. A post for volunteers was put on Facebook

Springtime and the Sea 1

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April 16th 2019

For those of us who earn a living from the sea, the seasonal changes  can be every bit as marked and varied as the seasons ashore, and can be one

Welcome to the Cuckoo Tree Studio

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September 9th 2017

Cuckoo Tree Studio is where Denise Huddleston makes her distinctive art. Crisp, contemporary graphic images from an artist and designer with a lifelong passion for wild places, wildlife and waterscapes.

Charity Barbecue

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September 5th 2017

Last night there was a charity barbecue at Waternish Hall with Michael Smith of Lochbay Restaurant in charge of the cooking. & what a success. See below for the posting

Waternish – Place of the Healing Waters

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February 12th 2017

…I will wait for the birch wood until it comes up by the cairn….”(1) Sorley MacLean. From the Druids, to the Vikings, to Johnson and Boswell – travellers continue to

Lochbay Restaurant

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September 16th 2016

Congratulations to our new member Michael Smith and his wife Laurence, who in just a few months of business at Lochbay Restaurant were featured in The Times Weekend in an article about

Award for Isle of Skye Sea Salt

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July 5th 2015

Quote from Chris watts of isle of Skye Sea Salt: ” We were really delighted to receive a Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award for our sea salt in May

Synchronicity – further thoughts from Diane Hoff-Rome

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April 1st 2015

What is synchronicity? Synchronicity’ is a concept developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe ‘a perceived meaningful coincidence.’ Do you believe in synchronicity? I do. Especially after receiving an

Comparing winters in Waternish to Oregan

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December 12th 2014

Thoughts from Diane Hoff-Rome         (Picture 1 is of the view from of Isay, Mingay and Clett) (Picture 2 is of Diane’s garden in Oregan in the

Visit of HRH The Pricess Royal to Skyeskyns

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July 31st 2014

HRH The Princess Royal was offered a guided tour of the tannery and showroom by Jess Hartwell, whose family own and run the business, before being given the chance to

HRH The Princess Royal visits Waternish

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July 24th 2014

A wonderful hot and sunny day here on Waternish today for the visit of HRH The Princess Royal to Skyeskyns. Princess Anne was given a tour of the tannery and

Waternish world-best sunsets!

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September 8th 2013

Travel magazine named Broad Reach in Waternish, Skye, as the tops for a “sunset-view stay”.  Second in the six places named by Travel was Sri Panua in Phuket followed by

Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights

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December 2nd 2010

These copyright pictures were taken by Ray Reeder in 2003 from Waternish on Skye. We are currently (2010) moving towards the sloar maximum (2011-2013) which is when you are most