Dark Skies (Not Dark Clouds) Report

We’ve had a report from a local couple:

“We sat in the garden from 1850hrs till 1930hrs 27th Jan 2012 and this is what we have observed:

Clear skies, waning/ or waxing moon( can not recall lecture) and Venus reflecting over Loch Bay to the west. Using the bins I could see the craters and the inner shadows on the moon.

Shooting stars- 4 of them travelling SE-NW,NE-SW,N-S S-N last one was at 1925hrs

Satellites- 7 of them travelling-SW- NE, N-S, E- WS,NW-SE,NW-SE(through Orion) ,NE-SW this one was at 1925hrs.

In the 2nd star in Orions belt I could see sort of mist.”

Another report: A lady on Waternish recently reported that she could not sleep and it gave her the opportunity to go outside her home at 2 in the morning and gaze at the incredible night sky above her!

Another report:

“We finally dragged the telescope out of the loft this week and set it up – glorious views of the moon, we paid particular attention to the line between light and dark areas to see shadows in the craters (learnt that from the lectures!). Venus and Jupiter were present and correct and we also saw Mars rising last night”