Dark Skies on Waternish

Enjoy Some of the Darkest Skies in Europe.


Skye is one of the darkest sites in the whole of Europe, and Waternish one of the darkest places on Skye, without a single street light on the whole Peninsula. It is the ideal place for Dark Skye Viewing. Therefore jointly with Dark Skye Discovery we have identified 3 good places on Waternish to view the wonderful night sky in a safe and rewarding way.

The reality is that anywhere on Waternish can view the Dark Skies (assuming next door’s outside lights are not too strong!) But for those who may be travelling here we have identified three places where you can park and view as well as getting incredible expanses of night sky.

TRUMPAN – The car park is ostensibly for the ruined historical church and the cemetery. However it has the most extensive view of the night sky with views all the way over to the Western Isles. Also it has a picnic table and benches so you can take the weight off while you are viewing!

KNOCKBRECK – This is the car park for the primary school on the way to Geary. It has fairly good viewing of the night sky.

STEIN JETTY – This is not the best viewing point with restrictions on sight due to being at the water level and the land rising around it. However for some of you it might be the easiest to access, especially if you are coming out of Loch Bay Restaurant  after an amazing evening at this Michelin starred restaurant.

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The best time for Aurora hunting and star spotting is between October and March, when the nights are at their longest and darkest. Come and visit and enjoy our dark skies and all Waternish has to offer. Find a fabulous place to stay here.

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