Unish (or Aonish) House dates from the 17th century and underwent three phases of development. It may have been built by one of the Fife merchant venturers, who were encouraged by the king to colonise parts of the north west coast of Scotland, which accounts for some similarities with architecture in Fife.
It was said to have been the earliest domestic residence in Skye, that is without defences or battlements - but due to its position and accessibility certainly required some feat of building. In the 18th century the second development increased the size of the windows and added a stair tower. It fell in to disrepair in the late 19th century.
A fair size of township developed around it, Bail 'an Tailleir or Tailor's Town - some 47 buildings, but all relatively short lived as the area was subject to the "Clearances" of the 19th century. During this period Unish was the signifcant house for Waternish.
Sadly the House is in a very poor state of repair so care should be taken.
Photos courtesy of Angus McGhie