The Shore at Carnach

Just a stroll

To access the Shore at Carnach: on the B886 (which goes from Fairy Bridge to Trumpan) head to Halistra, go past the turning to Geary on the right. Shortly after this is a left hand turn for Carnach. This is an even more minor road. Continue to the bottom. This is deemed to be a turning area but there is plenty of room for parking if done sensibly and not too many vehicles.

This walk is really ideal if you are staying at Tigh Bata or Old Dye House

The shore is easily accessed from here. Probably the best/longest route is to the south (to the left of Tigh Bata). The sea can come quite high so best when tide is out.  In places there is some grassy banking which you walk on but it can be wet. Whether this way or on the shore, decent foot wear is advised.

Basically you can walk a fair distance, possibly to Stein although not sure. The dog and I walked for about 30 minutes and then turned around. Of course for a dog who loves the water this was ideal. However if you are walking with a dog please do not turn West (right) at the bottom of the road – there are breeding otters along that stretch of the shore and the scent of dogs alarms them

We had views of Ardmore Point, Dunvegan Head and the islands in Loch Bay. In early October we saw a heron, some terns, a load of geese having a rest and heard an Oyster Catcher. Strangely in one area we saw a lot of black hairy caterpillars!

This is an excellent walk for any nature lovers. Depending on the time of year you will see Black Guillemots (Tysties), Divers, Shags, Rafts of Geese, Sea and Golden Eagles, Buzzards, Ravens, Sparrowhawks. Also seals and sometimes porpoises/dolphin. If you are really lucky (and without a dog) even otters!