Welcome to Skíō Pottery

Visit Waternish would like to welcome Skíō Pottery to its membership and indeed to Waternish itself.

It is great news that once again there is a pottery on Waternish.

Please read the introduction to the owners and the business from Kayti and Luke themselves:

Kayti and Luke




“Hi I’m Kayti, and together with my partner Luke have just set up Skio Pottery in Waternish after moving here a few months ago from York.

We have been making ceramics for a few years and are so happy to be up here and working in a new studio space together, making pots inspired by our surroundings.

We are both self taught potters, what started as a hobby has gradually turned into full time making and we are so happy to keep learning and refining our craft here on Skye. Being in Waternish is very inspiring to us, as well as the incredible landscape we are also surrounded by amazing creatives and artists.






We make a mix of functional and decorative pieces that are inspired by coastal finds, minimalist design and brutalist architecture. Pieces are thrown on the wheel and we do a bit of hand building too. My favourite things to make are larger statement pieces, like vases with handles that are unique in shape and design, they feel special and it’s nice to make one offs. There is also a lot of happiness from making the perfect mug or bowl that brings you joy every time you use it!

We’re so lucky to be working with local businesses like Lochbay Restaurant and The Dunvegan, collaborating with their teams to create bespoke pieces that complement the menus. It is really rewarding for us to work alongside other creatives and pushes us to experiment, which makes it a favourite part of what we do. 

The studio is open every day for visitors and we also have a pottery croft box filled with ceramics for people to come and have a look at if they are passing. We also can arrange workshops so you can throw your own pots and are planning some pottery socials for the winter months.”




Check them out on www.visit-waternish.co.uk/listings/skio-pottery/ or www.skiopottery.com




Skio Pottery



Skio Pottery