Wow – the Milky Way

In late October and early November, Waternish experienced the perfect sky watching time.

  1. The skies were clear.
  2. There was no moon or a very small one.
  3. It was cold so clarity in the skies.

And so the Milky Way was spectacular as can be seen in the photos taken by Roger Shan of Hazelbank. Absolutely wonderful photos. But seeing the real thing is just breathtaking!

Here on Waternish it is possible to see the skies but just switching the lights off, getting used to no light (10 mins or so) and then going outside. Of course you are relying on your neighbour having switched off their outside lights. If not then Waternish has 3 Dark Sky Discovery Sites. Roger took his photos at Trumpan which is probably the best place with so little light pollution and huge skies.

So if this interests you then come to Waternish. We have the skies and some wonderful accommodation providers to match the skies.